I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again. Trans-abled people need respect and understanding.

Just because someone can walk and in xir’s case, do cartwheels on instagram videos doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be using a wheelchair and their self identification as being disabled is invalid. Peace out.

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Transabled people, we’re real, we’re here, and we’re not going away!

As a non-binary ambonec, and a person of color by proxy, life isn’t easy for me.

My mother was on Prozac against the doctors orders during her pregnancy with me, and it’s really taken it’s toll.

Recently another lipo-challenged larger female-identified student in my gender studies class found it difficult to eat her Doritos while walking up the stairs in my college, and for security reasons she wasn’t allowed to bring in her mobility scooter after someone took offence at the carbon emissions used to charge the battery (she always plugged it in at college, never at home using her own power.)

She then started using a motorized wheelchair she drove around using her mouth to get over the ban on mobility scooters. It worked for her for the most part, except her driving skills lacked every time she put another Dorito in her mouth while driving and attempted to chew it, and on two occasions she mowed down Tak-Wah, a Chinese trans-racial male from sociology. She was very lucky he didn’t mind her running him down, but he laughed it off saying it’s still far safer than if he ever gets behind the wheel of a car.

But what I did admire about her, was immediately her opinions became instantly validated due to the fact she was female AND in a wheelchair, and I myself really started to feel as though I’m also transabled.

So I went to Tumblr and got a firm diagnosis, and yes, all my life I’ve been trans-abled, and today I got my first wheelchair. I cannot tell you how much oppression has been lifted as soon as I sat in that chair and started to wheel myself around campus.

Wheeling myself into my sociology class and telling everyone how I now identify as a victim having been injured in a multi-vehicle car accident has really worked for me. Nobody dare disagree with me and you can hear a pin drop when I talk.

The only negative thing was a straight white male at one point held a door open for me, without asking permission first. Again, consent is given not taken, and his violation has been bothering me all week, in fact, “help-rape”, as it’s known, (when a white saviour attempts to help someone else without asking them first how and if they require help), is a real problem in our society. Especially lifeguards who are serial offenders.


Just because a woman voluntarily gives you oral sex without you asking for it, while you do nothing back, doesn’t mean that she’s consented to it !

Gerald is a student at Brown university, and a member of the much hated student online gamers club. He has been paralyzed from the neck down since birth, but has been accused by 17 feminist women on campus of rape, indecent assault, and heavy looking.

He is also guilty of making a disgusting, mysogynistic and crude joke in his previous high school yearbook where he associated himself having mutual oral sex with a woman as being “meals on wheels”. Not only is that sexist, but it’s also ableist.

When questioned about his revolting sexist behavior:

“You know if she goes down on me, she goes down on me. It’s all still operational down there so I have needs, and a roll across campus is cheaper than a visit to Thailand to watch a ping pong show.”

Gerald doesn’t seem to understand that women feel oppressed, and it’s that very oppression that forces them to do it. I explained to Gerald that women are conditioned to feel as though they must please a man sexually and sex like this is a form of slavery. She’s only doing it because of the boot of patriarchal oppression across her neck.

“Well it sure isn’t my boot that’s on her neck, the last THOT that went down there had to push my knees to my ears to toss my salad”.

I’m writing a paper on this for my gender studies professor, and haven’t quite decided on if it’s the computer games he’s playing is causing this. But I’m pretty sure that GTA5 and Call of Duty should be banned because of it.

He’s a disabled person, but he’s also a straight white male. This places him below a straight white on the oppression pyramid, but still above a black male, unless the black male votes Republican in which case he’s a white male because he’s inherited the qualities of a straight white male so he’s lower than them again.

My person of color boyfriend Remington is always playing online games and says similar things, but given he’s black, clearly it’s his treatment from whites that’s the cause of it. Remove that cause and he’ll understand feminist ideology and agree with it.

Could “Bob”, the beautiful real woman pictured below be right? Is trans-activism part of the male supremecist movement?

No. Not it isn’t, so long as it’s done and controlled by women or people of color given that society is based on a complex web of power structures with the straight white male sitting at the apex.

You see, in any normal situation, if I were a straight white male, I would not be in any position to disagree with what this real woman is saying because I’m just a woman.

Being just a woman would normally not be enough on it’s own to allow me to speak out against this real woman’s opinion, BUT, I now also identify as being FtF Trans (female to female), which is a levelling enhancement on my oppression, which not only allows me to question this opinion, but it is a societal expectation that I should challenge the power structure set forth by the sexist, racist, transphobic patriarchal, capitalistic dominance of straight white men.

I’ve spoken to “Bob”, the real woman in this photo, on a number of occasions at social justice rallies and even at the women’s march about this very topic. I asked Bob why SHE was a TERF.

(A TERF is a Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist)

Bob explained to me that because she identifies as being a REAL women, she doesn’t particularly take kindly to, as she puts it:

“Activists, and men dressed as women or trans people impersonating genuine real women like me to get attention, because they don’t face the oppression that real women like I do”.

Bob sees them as being attention seekers, and this is the problem I have with Bob, and other real women like her.

Because real women like Bob are real women, they lack the compassion needed to understand that trans women, or just women in general like me, are also real women, but due to a spectrum of gender, may simply fit elsewhere on that same scale of reality.

But I try to stay open minded about this, and will continue to talk to Bob and convince her that trans women are equal to real women like her, and she needs to be a bit more tolerant of those who aren’t as good at passing for a real woman as she is.

All 👏straight 👏white 👏 males 👏are 👏NAZIS.

There is an enemy in our society, and in many western countries, it can make up to almost 50% of the population, unless you’re lucky enough to be born brown, Muslim, or black.

This unluckiest strike unfortunately hit me…….I was unlucky enough to have a straight white male as a father.

Straight white men are responsible for the most rapists, the most murderers, the Iraq war and the oppression of Muslims worldwide. When the the Bush family arranged the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001, as a deliberate measure to EXTERMINATE many womyn and feminists working in the financial sector, and then, attempted to blame it on Islam, the religion of peace, it sent out a chill to womyn (yes I spell it like that so it doesn’t have the word men in it), worldwide.

Bush uttered the wrong words to America. America wasn’t under attack…. WOMYN, were under attack, with hundreds perishing in America’s greatest government initiated attack.

The imperialistic, patriarchal genocide of Muslims by the United States for many years, and the Bush family’s hush money paid to Saudi royalty to arrange this hit on us, shouldn’t go unnoticed, or forgotten.

As a white woman I realise my priviledge, but I feel people also need to acknowledge the pain that comes with this. The pain that comes with having to grow up, with a straight white male as a father, and I think about this and live this pain every day at college, and on the days Dad doesn’t take time off, just to come and pick me up, or asks my person of color boyfriend Remington to consider going to college or racially humiliating him by even offering to ask a friend of his in the financial sector to push through a college loan for him.

I ask you to think, think about this and consider.

Yes straight white male’s I’m now TRANS deal with it !

It’s time to educate you and to help cure you of your bigotry, ignorance, and hatred for trans people, so I’ve decided to come out to my friends, family and person of color boyfriend Remington as being Female 2 Female trans.

It’s something I’ve been struggling with all my life, but coming out as being F2F trans has really elevated me in my social justice group meetings and everyone there was so supportive. (When I say everyone I include people who identify as being more than one person.)

I became tearful at my coming out meeting, and spoke about my love for Barbie dolls, but how I used to like them to drive in my brothers army trucks, instead of Barbie’s pink car, because even at that age, I really knew that I was a young woman, but felt trapped inside a young woman’s body.

It was never easy for me at school, I often felt oppressed by rigid heteronormative gender expectations placed upon me which forced me to do things like attend school, or do my homework.

My person of color boyfriend Remington seemed shocked and agitated, and asked if I used to be a man, and started slowly reaching for something he kept hidden on his belt under his clothes when I came out as being trans to him.

I think I know what it was. I had given up the only opportunity I had to marry him, because I’m sure that it was an engagment ring, but he’d just strapped it to his belt for safe keeping. But that’s just the kind of oppressive heartbreaking stuff we trans people must go through.

I later explained to him that I was born a female, but am now transitioning back into being a woman, from a woman.

He then breathed a sigh of relief and kindly told me how lucky I was.

I know he accepts me now, because he thinks I’m lucky to be trans. What a great guy and a wonderful boyfriend.

Trump rape accuser E. Jean Carroll asks tv’s Olivia from Law & Order SVU to investigate.

“She’s not my type. I mean I’m not going to judge her by her looks or anything, but let’s just say that I think that someplace in New York City, a funeral home might be missing a corpse.” – another sexist and necrophobic statement by Donald Trump about victim E. Jean Carroll.

I was lucky enough to chat with E. Jean Carroll, Trump’s latest sex assault victim who has been speaking out on CNN and other reliable news outlets about just how it feels to be a terrified victim.

“My book publishers and publicist said that I should say I think people misunderstood when I said I thought rape was sexy on CNN. I really don’t, but I do have a fantasy over Nick Amaro.”

Who’s Nick Amaro? Well he’s Olivia Benson’s partner in tv’s Law & Order SVU.

“As you get older, and although people say I look 39, well I get a bit dry, so we mature aged cougers as they call us, we develop a bit of a thing for younger Italian, or if not available then to a lesser extent, Mexican men.”

“It started with me watching the gardener rake those leaves so firmly, and then before I knew it, I was cruising the parking lot at Home Depot looking for firm Latin men to bring home to nail me.. I mean nail my loose floorboards back in place”.

“I’m aware that my rape accusation against Trump, is exactly the same as S13 – Ep11 of Law & Order SVU, right down to the fitting rooms at Bergdorf Goodman’s, so I thought, well, given Detective Olivia Benson has investigated other rapes of women in the change rooms at Bergdorf Goodman’s while changing into lingerie in the middle of the day when no sales assistants are around and no cameras saw anything and nobody noticed and afterwards everyone put their clothes back on and simply walked out without buying anything which attracted absolutely not attention whatsoever….I thought Olivia would be the perfect person to investigate my case given that’s precisely what happened to me with Donald Trump in those very same fitting rooms!”

“Best of all, she’ll likely have to bring that tight little Italian stud partner Nick with her, I tell you what, I may be an old girl but I sure would like to bounce a few quarters off his firm young butt, and possibly do a few lines of coke off it. Har har har har!”

I noticed that Jean pushed her top row of false teeth back into her mouth after her hearty laugh, and I told her that I think it’s really great she’s getting back on the horse again after her terrible Trump rape experience.

“Did you say horses darling? Speaking about horse fantasies, my friend owns a stallion….”