Notre Dame burned BLACK. “It’s RACIST blackface” – Southern Poverty Law Center.


There are many things in the environment which we associate with uncleanliness and impurity. Among them are things that are colored black or brown, such as as charcoal, dirt or shit.

But we must ask, why hasn’t the blackness of Notre Dame, which has now been burned black, not been covered over? It’s been like that for some time now, and yes the hatred has already started.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre has indicated that since the fire, there has been a 30% increase in Islamophobia and activity of hate groups, leading to violence, assaults and even rape.

“We have noticed an alarming increase in hate crimes, and we believe it’s due to the blackened structure of Notre Dame. The fact that it’s actually being hosed down using hoses and water, as black people were hosed down during the 1960’s civil rights protests is insensitive and racist. People of color are still alive and suffering today because of that”.

The Southern Poverty Law Center representantive continued:

“Of course our fight against racism here at the Southern Poverty Law Centre as you know costs money, so today we’re asking you for a donation, and yes, we accept credit cards, and automated debit from bank accounts or the proceeds of crime so long as they are labelled as lottery winnings”.

“Our organization’s former founder, Morris Dees has now been fired and has retired to one of his estates to spend time with his family. But we have a new CEO now, and they too deserve to spend time in their tax exempt mansions to help fight racism.”

I thought about it, and both agree, and would like to add, that Notre Dame should be replaced with a MOSQUE, to show tolerance for the wider Islamic community.

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