Why men should wear used sanitary napkins on their faces to dismantle patriarchy.

period shaming1

Period shaming is at epidemic proportions and as a white woman dating a man of color I already have enough oppression to deal with on a daily basis but being constantly period shamed sometimes gets me running for my safe space.

Just last week I was walking back to my car and some men drove past and one yelled out the window a hateful phrase:

“Hey look at her, she’s probably got her period!!”

Then another passing male on a motorbike stopped, removed his helmet and looked at me and said:

“I think you’re right, she looks like she’s having a period right now, hahaha!”.

You see that happens to most women on a daily basis, men yelling out period abuse to women. It happens in the workplace and it even happens in crowded movie cinemas and Donald Trump regularly says it.

So I really support this new movement started in New York, where men are wearing used sanitary pads over their faces to signal to other men to stop period shaming women, and to demonstrate to women they are a true ally of feminism.

Some male feminists have even chosen to put a used tampon inside their mouth prior to the sanitary pad over their faces to represent women’s inability to speak out, and to show why men should stop mansplaining, and talking over women.

True committment is demonstrated by the amount of used tampons a man can fit inside his mouth as the saliva makes them swell up right to the back of their throats.

One male feminist from Manhattan actually had a bleeding nose from having so many used tampons in his mouth at one time, but luckily it wasn’t his blood, he had just inhaled some off the liquified tampon and sneezed it out a bit. He’s a true ally.

I fully support this campaign, and the more males that get involved, the better.

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2 thoughts on “Why men should wear used sanitary napkins on their faces to dismantle patriarchy.

  1. Yeah, I wonder if my gf would want to make me do this, she would be very pleased, i wouldnt mind if i have more than one tampons plus the compress. The I would know how is to have a period


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