Why it’s feminist for your dog/cat to become VEGAN. How to de-colonize your pet’s diet.

vegan feminism

Diet is a social construct. We know that because that’s why black people eat watermelon and white people eat fish eggs.

A study by a feminist think tank here at Berkeley recently showed what we eat, and that is, food and drink is a social construct, but what of the diets of animals?

To be progressive it’s not enough that all humans become vegans, how do we advance animals, starting with dogs and cats, to eat plants and not meat to free them from the heternormative patriarchy?

Of course to be an extreme vegan you would also not eat root vegetables, because they kill the plant when you eat them, so things like potato or even a pumpkin are not allowed.

But can a cat really live off grass clippings?  Well these two pets sure proved they can eat a de-colonized diet and they’re thriving!

Xenthya, (pictured), discovered that if zir removed all meat from zier diets, (Xenthya’s pets are also trans and require correct pronoun usage) and replaced lettuce into their food dishes over time actually worked.  Where the real problem lies, is we humXns or similar telling these animals that they are too skinny, they’re not.

Skinnyness is just a human concept we apply to each other when making moralistic judgements about each other’s weight – a concept invented by the straight white male to oppress women in the workplace.

So are these animals skinny, or are they fat or just right? Well I believe they are perfect and just because they don’t adhere to the same standards of “fatness”, that you expect makes no difference, because it’s what my perception is that matters.

2 thoughts on “Why it’s feminist for your dog/cat to become VEGAN. How to de-colonize your pet’s diet.

  1. Too close to real stories I have followed. At least if they are so self righteous to post to social media, with pictures!, there are still a lot of sane people to call them out. There are animal cruelty laws to protect animals, it’s not so easy to protect the children.


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