Ted Bundy was a feminist.

ted bundy

It’s alleged that serial killer Ted Bundy harmed a lot of women.
But given that intersectional idiology is no longer using the term “killer”, due to it’s problematic triggering mechanisms we should use the term “harmer”, and we need to take a closer look at his crimes, and was he in fact trans?

You see Ted Bundy really wasn’t the typical criminal at all. While he had some strikes of evil against him, such as being a straight white male, but never identified as such, there were also many times in which he supported women and women’s rights.

On one occasion in Vermont, Ted Bundy noticed a woman who’s car had broken down roadside late on a rainy night, and kindly offered her a ride home and he didn’t kill her.

That really doesn’t sound like the actions of a so called serial “killer”, at all does it?

Did you also know that Ted Bundy treated his girlfriend with respect and on many occasions even suggested that she should drive? To me it’s quite clear that he was not happy with the patriarchal oppression of women and wanted to take a stand there and then way back in 1971, he was WAY ahead of his time.

It is also been said that on his way to the electric chair he was trying to tell the right wing murderers who were going to execute him that women need more respect, and he demanded equal pay for women in the workplace on a number of occasions, even writing letters to the local papers under the pseudonym “Ted Stabbe”.

The saddest part was the fact he was trans. On a number of occasions large amounts of clothing from various women, up to 35 it’s believed, were found in his home or in storage lockers around town belonging to him.  Some even contained blood on them, likely because he was cutting himself, as many trans people hurt themselves as they fall victim to the heteronormative patriarchy.

He’d obviously collected these clothing items over the years somehow and felt the only place he could wear them was with the curtains drawn, in his own personal safe space.

So next time you hear about Ted Bundy being a bad person, think about the straight white male transphobic patriarchy, because they’re the real problem.


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27 thoughts on “Ted Bundy was a feminist.

  1. Bundy wasn’t trans, he was a predator wearing camouflage. He admitted to dressing like a woman to be able to penetrate female spaces safely and to be able to appear less dangerous to better be able to lure women out of safety.

    And keeping trophies of your kills (women’s clothing), with the blood of your victims on it is not something I’d call a “cry for help” so much as an “admission of guilt”.

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    1. You make sound like a nice guy with those Adolf Hitler eyes , I watch the Netflix version . Cause I was raised in FLA . And it was a movie pop up ive seen that personality before . Like a dual personality while smiling and throwing morsels of bread , out he is servaying the area and looking for a way to pop you in the head and get away with it . That’s how Nazi Germany was I’m sure in death camps . He could be a direct decendit the time lines match most Nazi s were aquited I would be trying to find his real parents


  2. I think this is ducking hilarious! You just made my day! And I am sharing with my friends !! Ha ha ha ! Am I thinking it’s humor with elements of facts and truth? At the moment … yes. Open to debate. Thank you for offending some, humoring some and the full spectrum of reactions. If I am wrong that this wasn’t supposed to be funny. Please put me out if my ignorant bliss and enlighten me. Blessings and pork rinds.


  3. Holy shit. This is a nuclear level terrible take, ignorant of decades of research on aberrant psychology, flat out disrespectful to trans folx, and utterly ridiculous.

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  4. I really hope this post is some sort of joke, because this is incredibly disrespectful to all of the women who died because of his monstrous actions. Shame on you

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  5. Do better white people. Like a feminist that all his victims were young woman at least one was a sleeping 9 year old girl. He wasn’t attractive he was a monster

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  6. Is this a joke? This is a joke right? The way it’s written means it has to be a joke. Regardless it’s still incredibly insensitive to the families of his victims and to the survivors. It also greatly disappoints me that this is going to be associated with feminism because of someone trying to be funny. This is horrifying and I hope you know how disrespectful it is to joke about an extremely serious situation such as this one. I’m disgusted oh my god

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  7. Ted Bundy is a monster! I have read most of your writing and am appalled. The way you think in unnatural. But back to Mr. Bundy… to say that Ted Bundy was a feminist is sick. Theodore Robert Bundy confessed to killing 30 women, although the actual number of murders committed is unknown. You’re posts are conflicting. You believe all straight white Men to be racist, homophobic, sexist assholes but THIS white male is a feminist… this WHITE MAN who slaughtered over 30 women, raped and tortured them is a feminist? Oh yeah that makes sense. You are absolutely out of you mind! Wtf is wrong with you freak show. You’re a disgrace to society. This man was a psychopath.

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  8. Ted Bundy wasn’t a feminist nor was he trans. he was a sick man who raped and murdered young women! you call yourself a feminist when all you are is a sick, sexist and crazy freak! you bring disgrace to all of society!

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  9. This is by far the most SJW kinda BS I have ever read. I hope wherever the author of this trash now is, she got off Tumblr and changed her mind on her views. God dammit, I can’t believe this post exists.


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