Why white cis gendered males should slow down and let black people win.


We’ve all played that game on a weekly basis at student club, our social justice class, or our gender studies camp. It’s the game where everyone stands in a line ready to race, and then “white males”, take ten steps forward, while white women take ten steps back, black women take 20 steps back, trans black women take 30 steps back, and black trans women in wheelchairs roll back as far as they can while remaining within eyesight to show how much easier it is for white males who face zero issues in life ever.

Well a new form of racism has since appeared, and yes, again, it’s reared it’s ugly head in sport. White men beating black men in track and field events.

Since Matthew Boling ran 100m in under 10 seconds it’s spelt one word to African American people, and that word, is spelt o-p-p-r-e-s-s-i-o-n.
(I’m clapping between each letter, and yes I’m doing the actions).

My person of color boyfriend Remington was devastated to see Matthew Boling a white male of privilege win that race.

“Daym bitch, now sum cracka beat us at that shit? How we gonna now get our shit. How are we gonna get our shit, sponsors and shit. We need that shit. He don’t need shit, he got enough shit!”

Remington was right. As a white woman who identifies as a person of color by proxy to my boyfriend Remington I felt ashamed.

Sport is about fairness, and equal opportunity. So it’s only fair that Matthew Boling should have his starting line moved at least 25 meters behind the black athletes.

I’m starting a petition on change.org to help this along and will be uploading it shortly.
Sport is a representation of society, and as a tolerant society we should not be oppressing black people in track and field events.

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19 thoughts on “Why white cis gendered males should slow down and let black people win.

  1. What is this cancer?

    Lady you are a racist person. You only see that kid’s skin color and you think that means something about him. That’s a fucked up way to live your life.

    I hope some day you learn to see beyond people’s skin color and stop judging people by their superficial characteristics. We are individuals. Treating people like collectives is the same things that Nazis did.

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    1. They do because in the fucked up world we’re living in it can possibly be very true. That’s no laughing matter, it is tragic.


  2. Usain Bolt is a person of color and has the fastest recorded sprinting speed. Meanwhile, you see race as a means of invalidation.

    I’m losing brain cells. You’re so ignorant that Trump looks smart by comparison.

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  3. I still can’t figure out if this person, woman, thing, whatever it wants to call itself, is for real or not. Sports isn’t about fairness, its competition. White dude won. That’s it. Nothing needs to be discussed.
    You are not black. You are white as white can be, and a racist white at that.
    White men don’t face issues in this world? Maybe if you stepped out of your “I deserve a trophy for existing, life’s not fair, poor me, white men are monsters, racist, hatefilled heart, you would see WE ALL suffer for someway due to our gender. Girl you are not a feminist, you are a monster. Real feminists do not even associate with people like you..


  4. I absolutely love this stuff lol it’s also very sad because some people actually do feel this way. Best satire ever!


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