Fat acceptance feminism is right, males GASLIGHTING fat women into thinking it’s unhealthy are wrong. Riots Not Diets!!

All body shapes are healthy, including morbidly obese women and anorexic women.

I say the word fat because I’m helping fat women take ownership of the word everywhere to be proud of their obesity.

In addition, there’s a very good feminist argument that obesity and anorexia don’t exist, or only partially exist in the realm of gender oppression.

You see if a woman has anorexia because she is empowering herself, it’s no longer toxic or harmful, as the toxic element which is the toxically masculine definition of beauty, (which has been forced on all women by straight white males), isn’t there. So then it becomes beneficial to her health.

I’ve known several “thin”, feminists, who even put little crystals into a glass pipe and smoke it regularly which also can be beneficial and slimming if done by a woman for feminist self-empowerment, and not to please a man. So that proves I’m right. The same goes for weight gain, which is why I support the fat acceptance movement.

People often think the fat acceptance movement is all about letting everyone know how healthy morbid obesity is, but it’s not just that, it’s about breaking the bonds of the patriarchy and letting people know that not eating any food at all is also healthy, if done for the right reasons.

The real enemy of course, is capitalism for not having XXXL wide plane seats.
So called “obesity”, and “medical evidence”, are inventions of the patriachy used to oppress women by gaslighting them into thinking they must remain a certain shape to please them.

That’s why I love dating my person of color boyfriend Remington, because person of color men accept women for having some “junk in the trunk”. In fact Remington’s brother, De’3dre (pronounced Dee Thron Drey), was a “feeder”. He used to pour lard into the milk before his girlfriend put it on her cereal, and spread Copha on everything she ate to make her ass more diverse for his tastes.

Normally that would indicate a male manipulating a woman’s body shape to suit his own desires, but given the intersectional dilemma, and the fact he’s a POC and oppressed, it’s still acceptable at this point in time for him to do it providing she isn’t disabled or trans, and if she’s white, then it’s actually a good thing.

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2 thoughts on “Fat acceptance feminism is right, males GASLIGHTING fat women into thinking it’s unhealthy are wrong. Riots Not Diets!!

  1. So let me get this right, Dee Thron Dre can manipulate his girlfriends body by secretly adding lard to her food and it is not only ok but also “a good thing” because his girlfriend is white. Furthermore it is ok and acceptable because Dee Thron Dre he is an oppressed black male? Really!? I am a white female and I don’t care who you are, race, sex, man, woman, rich, poor, sick or healthy if someone secretly added something to my food to make me gain weight I would probably report them. This is just as harmful as adding drugs to someone’s food to make them change a behavior or to make them act a way that is too your liking

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