Why the Tiananmen Square massacre didn’t exist – ANOTHER chan right wing conspiracy theory.

Today in my gender studies class our lecturer had a discussion with us why communism is frowned upon by straight white males, and how the Tiananmen Square was a conspiracy theory made up during the cold war to make communism look bad.

It’s being spread on “4-chan”, which was named after four Chinese men who started this whole thing back in 1989.

You see the Tiananmen Square massacre was the brainchild of well known transphobe President George H.W. Bush, who is on record many times saying that trans and non-binary people don’t exist.

Picture it, 15 April 1989. A gathering of white supremecists in Tiananmen Square, China, some well known fascists and Nazis, funded by the US Republican party decided to try to overthrow communism – the people’s system that has literally saved dozens of people from poverty and starvation.

Then what happened after that, was a bit of a grey area, but basically these white supremecist Chinese students decided to attack the security and tried to force their way into the Chinese Whitehouse, and overthrow the Chinese president because they wanted to get rid of peaceful Islam from China, and make sure that women are paid less than men, as they are in the USA, and install a patriarchy.

Few people know there is no wage gap in China because of the working communist system there.

But why did President George H.W. Bush cause this to happen? Because he didn’t want the US to become communist and give women equal rights and close the wage gap, that’s why!

As you can see here, President Bush is laughing because he instructed the CIA to load up an earlier version of Adobe Photoshop and simply shop in some red stuff around some people lying on the ground with bent bicycles and say that tank wheels put them to sleep.

Basically there’s a lot to it, but in short, Bush was paving the way for his friend, Donald Trump to enter the presidency later on. It’s important that people QUESTION the fake Tiananmen Square massacre.

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