How estrogen injections & putting boy’s dogs to sleep cures TOXIC MASCULINITY.

Males are born violent. We know that even before birth, a male fetus in the womb will punch and kick his mother without her consent which often results in lifelong trauma for the woman, who is nothing more than a non-consensual victim in his assault.

I consulted non-binary gender studies scientist Dr. Fran Nomak PhD, from the Women’s Health Research Institute in Upstate New York on ways we can prevent toxic masculinity and the violent men it causes.

“Well Anita, the first stage, is of course selective abortions of the white male fetus involved. We can tell long before an ultrasound if the baby is going to be male or female from a simple test and while I’m not suggesting we abort all male babies, I’m just saying if the baby is a white male in the interests of diversity this would be the best time to opt out.”

“In states where abortion is hard to facilitate, finding a house with a steep flight of stairs together with a bicycle helmet is another good option.”

“If it’s too late for that, and you intend to raise it, then very early intervention with Delestrogen treatment, which is an injectable form of estrogen is recommended, and it’s available from most Mexican pharmacies online.”

“Dosage varies, but we agree with Tumblr that up to 240mg per week of estrogen for a nine year old boy is acceptable. Gender Studies scientists have experimented on boys aged under nine and found that any more than that can cause tissue growth of external ovaries and subcutaneous breast tissue, so we try to keep childhood disfigurements to a minimum.”

“It’s about finding the right mix for the mother and child, and realising that all children are non-binary, and just giving boys a small helpful push in the right direction using injectable estrogen for a minimalist sex alteration.”

“If he protests? Well that’s where discipline is required. Use of a dark cupboard or even a coffin bought at Walmart, sending him to school wearing a dress, or putting his dog to sleep in front of him and telling him it’s all his fault are all viable options recommended by most feminist think tanks”.

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17 thoughts on “How estrogen injections & putting boy’s dogs to sleep cures TOXIC MASCULINITY.

  1. You’re a sick individual! This is absolutely appalling. Where on God’s green Earth are you getting this garbage? Shame on you. I’m a woman with six children and three of them males. I am proud of them all. If you have children, God have mercy on them. Babies, male or female, kick in utero. If you carry a baby, and he or she kicks, there is no way they could ask your permission to do so. Do you realize how dumb you sound saying that. Male babies are not born violent. Birth itself is a violent process that could result in either the death of the mother or baby. If you hated males so much, then don’t ever have children. You can’t actually believe the bull you write. Feminists or not, that’s the most ridiculous and erroneous thing ever to come out of a human mind. And if you feel offended by this, good, then I’m doing my job as a counter feminist. What you represent isn’t feminism. It’s all about man hating and sending the wrong message to women. I believe wholeheartedly in the family unit. You know, father, mother, sons, daughters, and family pets, dogs.

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  2. This is just blatant feminism gone wrong. I get feminism, but this is extreme, too extreme to be precise. Not only is a concept like this toxic, this goes against basic human freedoms.

    You’re comparable to an anti-vaxxer. You’re pushing your male hating rhetoric onto others and it’s not good. Honestly, you need to stop and think about your actions. If you’re offended, then I’m doing my job correctly.

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  3. The headline alone SCREAMS narcissism and selfishness, with a sizeable drop of cluelessness. You need serious help. Check into an institution. You are a cancer to society.

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  5. Is this satire?? Or are you that mentally deranged?? Holy shit, you are one fucked up woman. I couldn’t get through the first sentence without my jaw dropping to my chest! Lady, go get fixed, like tomorrow. People like you should NEVER reproduce! EVER!

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  6. I am hoping this is a joke. And even still if it is, it is a sick one. I can’t imagine one person agreeing to these ideas. This is straight up demonic. You must have been very abused as a child or are extremely out of touch. My two sons kicked inutero much less than my girls. And a reason to physically punish your Caucasian male child is for diversity sake? Then to mentally and emotionally abuse them. Isn’t that counterintuitive if you want to foster peace and civility in the male? This sounds like a freaking Sybil nightmare situation. You are gonna have kids having freaking psychotic breaks and multiple personality disorders, severe mental illness, especially is genetically predisposed to mental illness and depression. You clearly are a malicious human and should be removed out of harms way.

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  7. Anita, you are truly beautiful (in a non-multi-semi-ambiguous-partially-sexual way). I can feel your luscious aura all the way across the Internet. I want to be one (or two, or three, or four, or five, or . . . ) with you. If that’s not possible, I will curse the white-cis-euro-hetero-binary-patriarchy for denying me that opportunity. Love and kisses . . .


      1. You mean “you are”, don’t you? And what kind of nuts are we talking about here? Plain old boring peanuts, or nuts with more zest and appeal like almonds, or cashews, or filberts? I’m fond of brazil nuts, so I could be brazil nuts, but only if she too, is brazil nuts.


  8. This is either horrible satire or fucking cancer. Why in God’s green earth is this even written out?

    OwO what’s this? 😳❓Big red ❤💋meaty steak 🥩🍖 UwU ❤❤ 💖Mmm~ So tasty yummy UwO 😉😘, licks meat👅👅 💓💓Unnf UwU tastesss soo gwoood daddy ☺🤩😜~~ What?! ⁉️ EGGS?!?🥚⁉️ :0 😮 UwU Shakeys wittle baby tail🐶💖❤ mmm Daddy I Wuuuuv eggs~ 🥚💋💖I Wuuuuuuuv💗 💞 Yo Eggs espweciawy uwo, mmm tastes soooo good~ 💦🤤💙Daddy these eggs are sawty~💖💖 OwO ❤😍 daddy is that a sausage to add to my sawty eggy weggys?💖 🤤🥚💗 Mmm licks sausage 👅💦 mmmm soooo good~ 🤤💖🥴 deepthroatys daddies big thick juicy meat 😳👅 mmmm daddy this tastes SOOOOO GOOOOOD~ 😜💦💜MMMM OwO UwU~ Nuzzles you💗 RAWR 🐯🐻🦁💞

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  9. I’m going to just come out and say it. This is exactly what the world will come to if we keep opening doors to this new age gender neutral/transgender/feminist crap. In most countries these people will just be seen as mentally disturbed and need help.


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