Why RAPE-capable animal species should be held accountable for their actions!

We all know that there is disgusting bond between males and their dogs. In Columbia during a flood, a straight male swam out to save his dog, and just left his wife to drown.

He later said to waiting media that “she made terrible tacos anyway”, while drying off his filthy dog with her wedding dress.

Studies also show that dogs pick up hints from their owners, we know that. A violent owner will produce a violent dog and studies here at Berkeley also have shown that rapists, produce rapist dogs, time and time again this happens. Dogs are nothing more than an extension of their owners.

So what should we do with dogs that have have violent sexual tendencies?
I spoke to non-binary crystagender third-person identified sociologist Bev Mitchell PhD, from Brown University, and xe thinks xe has a solution:

“You see Anita, dogs represent men, and cats represent women. At a recent feminist conference it was discussed whether or not people could talk in cat tongue, a feminist language being considered for implementation in many college curriculums throughout the USA. It’s already being taught in Canada.”

“The issue then becomes, dogs, well they don’t like cats, and dogs are men, in fact just as a trans-woman is exactly the same thing as a biologically born woman, we can use those very same sociology measuring tools that led us to that discovery and apply it to animals as well.”

“So given dogs represent men, then in reality, dogs are exactly the same thing as men, and should be treated as such. So yes, dogs ARE men.”

Bev is the first third wave feminist to start lobbying to change state and federal laws to implicate and prosecute dogs who hump legs of non-consensual females, and try them as males, and prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

“We really have to set some standards here for male/dog behavior. I’m suggesting that if the pink bit comes out and touches a woman’s leg during the assault, then that should be an aggravating factor in his prosecution, assuming that the dog in question identifies as male.”

I tend to agree, and have stopped donating any money to guide dog associations given they really are a front to rape apologism.

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