Donald Trump sexually assaulted me in Target I should be believed now buy my book.

It’s taken me a really long time to come forward about this because of my oppressive feelings of self hatred, but Donald Trump assaulted me in the ladies fitting rooms at Target. I was only saved by a very beautiful person of color transwoman in a lovely blonde wig called Deser’rey

I can’t actually remember when this happened, or even where, except it was at Target in the ladies underwear section.

You see, it all started after a nearby Trump rally, I hadn’t noticed the main doors were locked because I was busy trying on the Jezabel Women’s Spaghetti Strap bodysuit as there was a sale on, two for 19.99, so I thought I’d get one in black and one in white, quite a good deal actually.

So I had just changed into them and through a crack in the fitting room door, I saw a flash of orange face, and then the door slam shut in the cubicle next to mine.

This is when it gets really frightening. I felt so alone. I felt so dirty. So scared. So violated.

I then heard a yellow and black DeWalt power drill with a hole saw attachment drilling through the wall between the rooms.

It got louder and louder, then I looked down, and I screamed in terror as the tip of the hole saw worked it’s way through the fitting room wall from the other side, and a “plop”, sound, as a circular piece of wood fell on the ground, revealing a hole between our change rooms.

I then heard a regularly paced squelching sound and then, horrifyingly, a mouth appeared and said:

“Do you want me you feminist bitch so long as you’re not trans or Muslim!”.

I could tell it’s Donald Trump’s mouth because I know those teeth anywhere and also by the orange bit of skin surrounding the lips.

I screamed in terror, but then luckily Deser’rey, who unfortunately is unable to verify my story because she was electrocuted while train surfing in 2017, ran to the change room and banged on Donald Trump’s door.

We both opened our fitting rooms and I saw it was Trump and he apologized for his behavior and he offered to pay me $500 000 as hush money, he said he’d done it before.

Deser’rey then made a comment that she’d do “whatever”, for far less…$20 actually, but Trump ……..

For the rest of the story you will have to purchase my book for $29.99 available at all good feminist bookstores and Amazon.

This 100% certainly happened for sure, and as a non-binary woman of color by proxy, I feel I should be believed. I feel brave… I feel stunning, but mostly just brave and I thank all those other female victims for coming forward because my path is painted with your blood and hardship.

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