All 👏straight 👏white 👏 males 👏are 👏NAZIS.

There is an enemy in our society, and in many western countries, it can make up to almost 50% of the population, unless you’re lucky enough to be born brown, Muslim, or black.

This unluckiest strike unfortunately hit me…….I was unlucky enough to have a straight white male as a father.

Straight white men are responsible for the most rapists, the most murderers, the Iraq war and the oppression of Muslims worldwide. When the the Bush family arranged the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001, as a deliberate measure to EXTERMINATE many womyn and feminists working in the financial sector, and then, attempted to blame it on Islam, the religion of peace, it sent out a chill to womyn (yes I spell it like that so it doesn’t have the word men in it), worldwide.

Bush uttered the wrong words to America. America wasn’t under attack…. WOMYN, were under attack, with hundreds perishing in America’s greatest government initiated attack.

The imperialistic, patriarchal genocide of Muslims by the United States for many years, and the Bush family’s hush money paid to Saudi royalty to arrange this hit on us, shouldn’t go unnoticed, or forgotten.

As a white woman I realise my priviledge, but I feel people also need to acknowledge the pain that comes with this. The pain that comes with having to grow up, with a straight white male as a father, and I think about this and live this pain every day at college, and on the days Dad doesn’t take time off, just to come and pick me up, or asks my person of color boyfriend Remington to consider going to college or racially humiliating him by even offering to ask a friend of his in the financial sector to push through a college loan for him.

I ask you to think, think about this and consider.

One thought on “All 👏straight 👏white 👏 males 👏are 👏NAZIS.

  1. You are right, they are totally fragile toxic nazis. I think estrogen injections should be made mandatory for them. And they should have a 5pm-7am curfew and be banned from owning any kind of weapons.


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