Yes straight white male’s I’m now TRANS deal with it !

It’s time to educate you and to help cure you of your bigotry, ignorance, and hatred for trans people, so I’ve decided to come out to my friends, family and person of color boyfriend Remington as being Female 2 Female trans.

It’s something I’ve been struggling with all my life, but coming out as being F2F trans has really elevated me in my social justice group meetings and everyone there was so supportive. (When I say everyone I include people who identify as being more than one person.)

I became tearful at my coming out meeting, and spoke about my love for Barbie dolls, but how I used to like them to drive in my brothers army trucks, instead of Barbie’s pink car, because even at that age, I really knew that I was a young woman, but felt trapped inside a young woman’s body.

It was never easy for me at school, I often felt oppressed by rigid heteronormative gender expectations placed upon me which forced me to do things like attend school, or do my homework.

My person of color boyfriend Remington seemed shocked and agitated, and asked if I used to be a man, and started slowly reaching for something he kept hidden on his belt under his clothes when I came out as being trans to him.

I think I know what it was. I had given up the only opportunity I had to marry him, because I’m sure that it was an engagment ring, but he’d just strapped it to his belt for safe keeping. But that’s just the kind of oppressive heartbreaking stuff we trans people must go through.

I later explained to him that I was born a female, but am now transitioning back into being a woman, from a woman.

He then breathed a sigh of relief and kindly told me how lucky I was.

I know he accepts me now, because he thinks I’m lucky to be trans. What a great guy and a wonderful boyfriend.

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