Could “Bob”, the beautiful real woman pictured below be right? Is trans-activism part of the male supremecist movement?

No. Not it isn’t, so long as it’s done and controlled by women or people of color given that society is based on a complex web of power structures with the straight white male sitting at the apex.

You see, in any normal situation, if I were a straight white male, I would not be in any position to disagree with what this real woman is saying because I’m just a woman.

Being just a woman would normally not be enough on it’s own to allow me to speak out against this real woman’s opinion, BUT, I now also identify as being FtF Trans (female to female), which is a levelling enhancement on my oppression, which not only allows me to question this opinion, but it is a societal expectation that I should challenge the power structure set forth by the sexist, racist, transphobic patriarchal, capitalistic dominance of straight white men.

I’ve spoken to “Bob”, the real woman in this photo, on a number of occasions at social justice rallies and even at the women’s march about this very topic. I asked Bob why SHE was a TERF.

(A TERF is a Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist)

Bob explained to me that because she identifies as being a REAL women, she doesn’t particularly take kindly to, as she puts it:

“Activists, and men dressed as women or trans people impersonating genuine real women like me to get attention, because they don’t face the oppression that real women like I do”.

Bob sees them as being attention seekers, and this is the problem I have with Bob, and other real women like her.

Because real women like Bob are real women, they lack the compassion needed to understand that trans women, or just women in general like me, are also real women, but due to a spectrum of gender, may simply fit elsewhere on that same scale of reality.

But I try to stay open minded about this, and will continue to talk to Bob and convince her that trans women are equal to real women like her, and she needs to be a bit more tolerant of those who aren’t as good at passing for a real woman as she is.

One thought on “Could “Bob”, the beautiful real woman pictured below be right? Is trans-activism part of the male supremecist movement?

  1. You are a TERF. FtF doesn’t make sense, real snowflake.


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