Just because a woman voluntarily gives you oral sex without you asking for it, while you do nothing back, doesn’t mean that she’s consented to it !

Gerald is a student at Brown university, and a member of the much hated student online gamers club. He has been paralyzed from the neck down since birth, but has been accused by 17 feminist women on campus of rape, indecent assault, and heavy looking.

He is also guilty of making a disgusting, mysogynistic and crude joke in his previous high school yearbook where he associated himself having mutual oral sex with a woman as being “meals on wheels”. Not only is that sexist, but it’s also ableist.

When questioned about his revolting sexist behavior:

“You know if she goes down on me, she goes down on me. It’s all still operational down there so I have needs, and a roll across campus is cheaper than a visit to Thailand to watch a ping pong show.”

Gerald doesn’t seem to understand that women feel oppressed, and it’s that very oppression that forces them to do it. I explained to Gerald that women are conditioned to feel as though they must please a man sexually and sex like this is a form of slavery. She’s only doing it because of the boot of patriarchal oppression across her neck.

“Well it sure isn’t my boot that’s on her neck, the last THOT that went down there had to push my knees to my ears to toss my salad”.

I’m writing a paper on this for my gender studies professor, and haven’t quite decided on if it’s the computer games he’s playing is causing this. But I’m pretty sure that GTA5 and Call of Duty should be banned because of it.

He’s a disabled person, but he’s also a straight white male. This places him below a straight white on the oppression pyramid, but still above a black male, unless the black male votes Republican in which case he’s a white male because he’s inherited the qualities of a straight white male so he’s lower than them again.

My person of color boyfriend Remington is always playing online games and says similar things, but given he’s black, clearly it’s his treatment from whites that’s the cause of it. Remove that cause and he’ll understand feminist ideology and agree with it.


  1. Ewww, straight white men? They will never understand it, and claim it’s biased against them. Because there is this rule

    “No matter how enthusiastic it may be, if a straight white man is involved, then ‘Yes’ will always means ‘No’!”

    Why is it so hard for them to understand?


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