Transabled people, we’re real, we’re here, and we’re not going away!

As a non-binary ambonec, and a person of color by proxy, life isn’t easy for me.

My mother was on Prozac against the doctors orders during her pregnancy with me, and it’s really taken it’s toll.

Recently another lipo-challenged larger female-identified student in my gender studies class found it difficult to eat her Doritos while walking up the stairs in my college, and for security reasons she wasn’t allowed to bring in her mobility scooter after someone took offence at the carbon emissions used to charge the battery (she always plugged it in at college, never at home using her own power.)

She then started using a motorized wheelchair she drove around using her mouth to get over the ban on mobility scooters. It worked for her for the most part, except her driving skills lacked every time she put another Dorito in her mouth while driving and attempted to chew it, and on two occasions she mowed down Tak-Wah, a Chinese trans-racial male from sociology. She was very lucky he didn’t mind her running him down, but he laughed it off saying it’s still far safer than if he ever gets behind the wheel of a car.

But what I did admire about her, was immediately her opinions became instantly validated due to the fact she was female AND in a wheelchair, and I myself really started to feel as though I’m also transabled.

So I went to Tumblr and got a firm diagnosis, and yes, all my life I’ve been trans-abled, and today I got my first wheelchair. I cannot tell you how much oppression has been lifted as soon as I sat in that chair and started to wheel myself around campus.

Wheeling myself into my sociology class and telling everyone how I now identify as a victim having been injured in a multi-vehicle car accident has really worked for me. Nobody dare disagree with me and you can hear a pin drop when I talk.

The only negative thing was a straight white male at one point held a door open for me, without asking permission first. Again, consent is given not taken, and his violation has been bothering me all week, in fact, “help-rape”, as it’s known, (when a white saviour attempts to help someone else without asking them first how and if they require help), is a real problem in our society. Especially lifeguards who are serial offenders.

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