Why we need a non-binary abrogender dating app that doesn’t include men without a front hole.

Tinder and a range of other apps are designed for breeding stock heterosexuals to meet each other to copulate, but there are a range of issues with them.

Firstly, Tinder allows same-race dating. In this day and age, with all that we know it should be matching white women, with black men, and white men, with black women, same goes for Asians. But no, this isn’t compulsory as it should be, white people are still allowed to meet each other through the app and propagate themselves causing more transphobia and heteronormative whiteism.

Lain (pictured) is a good example of what happens when a very attractive pansexual polyam tries to go date. Zir really has it tough when zir tries to find a date because of all the males and females trying to hit on zir and harassing zir with messages.
Lain, who is studying for zir PhD in Gender Studies, said to me, as zir turned in zir term paper on heteronormative swamping frog rape that life has been very tough for zir.

“The dating scene for someone who does not fully identify as a demi post-gendered human is never easy.”

“I’ve had men, yes, actual sperm carriers message me with nasty comments. I’ve turned up at speed dating events where the sperm carriers with testicles bypassed my table entirely, worse still, I was left traumatized at one event where a round of applause was given for someone who recently announced their engagement, and everyone clapped with two hands instead of clicking their fingers.”

“I could feel the strong vibrations in my piercings which was a form of rape given only 10% of my piercings are located on the upper half of my body.”

But things are looking up for Lain. Once zir finishes zir gender studies PhD, zir hopes to get a job working at a Starbucks coffee shop writing positive gender messages on cups.

“My PhD in gender studies is a real door opener for me. It’s just not Starbucks I can do the coffee cups for, but given my strength (I accidently head butted an intercom off a wall one time in a fit of rage after being mis-gendered), I’ve also been offered a job collecting shopping carts at Walmart, and leaving positive gender messages in each one for the customers to read.”

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Why the Tiananmen Square massacre didn’t exist – ANOTHER chan right wing conspiracy theory.

Today in my gender studies class our lecturer had a discussion with us why communism is frowned upon by straight white males, and how the Tiananmen Square was a conspiracy theory made up during the cold war to make communism look bad.

It’s being spread on “4-chan”, which was named after four Chinese men who started this whole thing back in 1989.

You see the Tiananmen Square massacre was the brainchild of well known transphobe President George H.W. Bush, who is on record many times saying that trans and non-binary people don’t exist.

Picture it, 15 April 1989. A gathering of white supremecists in Tiananmen Square, China, some well known fascists and Nazis, funded by the US Republican party decided to try to overthrow communism – the people’s system that has literally saved dozens of people from poverty and starvation.

Then what happened after that, was a bit of a grey area, but basically these white supremecist Chinese students decided to attack the security and tried to force their way into the Chinese Whitehouse, and overthrow the Chinese president because they wanted to get rid of peaceful Islam from China, and make sure that women are paid less than men, as they are in the USA, and install a patriarchy.

Few people know there is no wage gap in China because of the working communist system there.

But why did President George H.W. Bush cause this to happen? Because he didn’t want the US to become communist and give women equal rights and close the wage gap, that’s why!

As you can see here, President Bush is laughing because he instructed the CIA to load up an earlier version of Adobe Photoshop and simply shop in some red stuff around some people lying on the ground with bent bicycles and say that tank wheels put them to sleep.

Basically there’s a lot to it, but in short, Bush was paving the way for his friend, Donald Trump to enter the presidency later on. It’s important that people QUESTION the fake Tiananmen Square massacre.

Fat acceptance feminism is right, males GASLIGHTING fat women into thinking it’s unhealthy are wrong. Riots Not Diets!!

All body shapes are healthy, including morbidly obese women and anorexic women.

I say the word fat because I’m helping fat women take ownership of the word everywhere to be proud of their obesity.

In addition, there’s a very good feminist argument that obesity and anorexia don’t exist, or only partially exist in the realm of gender oppression.

You see if a woman has anorexia because she is empowering herself, it’s no longer toxic or harmful, as the toxic element which is the toxically masculine definition of beauty, (which has been forced on all women by straight white males), isn’t there. So then it becomes beneficial to her health.

I’ve known several “thin”, feminists, who even put little crystals into a glass pipe and smoke it regularly which also can be beneficial and slimming if done by a woman for feminist self-empowerment, and not to please a man. So that proves I’m right. The same goes for weight gain, which is why I support the fat acceptance movement.

People often think the fat acceptance movement is all about letting everyone know how healthy morbid obesity is, but it’s not just that, it’s about breaking the bonds of the patriarchy and letting people know that not eating any food at all is also healthy, if done for the right reasons.

The real enemy of course, is capitalism for not having XXXL wide plane seats.
So called “obesity”, and “medical evidence”, are inventions of the patriachy used to oppress women by gaslighting them into thinking they must remain a certain shape to please them.

That’s why I love dating my person of color boyfriend Remington, because person of color men accept women for having some “junk in the trunk”. In fact Remington’s brother, De’3dre (pronounced Dee Thron Drey), was a “feeder”. He used to pour lard into the milk before his girlfriend put it on her cereal, and spread Copha on everything she ate to make her ass more diverse for his tastes.

Normally that would indicate a male manipulating a woman’s body shape to suit his own desires, but given the intersectional dilemma, and the fact he’s a POC and oppressed, it’s still acceptable at this point in time for him to do it providing she isn’t disabled or trans, and if she’s white, then it’s actually a good thing.

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How legally euthanized 17yo Dutch feminist Noa Pothoven helped reduce toxic whiteness.


Today is a very sad day. Euthanasia clinics – clinics where people can go to legally kill themselves, which are legal in the Netherlands, offer a very good service to the community, and the world at large.

Noa Pothoven was abused many times, and suffered great hardship, due to toxic masculinity.

I’m not going to trigger readers about this issue, because it’s freely available on the internet to read about, and very very sad, but the main thing here is that she did something good, and something very feminist – she didn’t give birth to a white child.

You see what really caused her misery was toxic masculinity and years or terrible abuse, so the feminist way to wipe that slate clean, was for her to visit a euthanasia clinic and have herself put to sleep to help wash the man off her.

Not only did she do the right thing by reducing toxic whiteness by not giving birth to any white children, but she also reduced the white population of Europe by one, but in intersectional terms she counts as ten given she’s a privileged blond.

Nothing could be more progressive than what Noa has given back to society by giving her own life.

On behalf of third wave feminism, I say thankyou, thankyou Noa Pothoven.

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Are Carl Benjamin, Jordan Peterson & Dave Rubin trans & should feminists be compassionate toward their views?



The patriarchy always applaud male pioneers and inventors, but the greatest inventors of peoplekind have always been female, such as Nancy Johnson, who in 1843 invented the ice cream maker and of course who could forget the world changing invention of the board game Monopoly by Elizabeth Magie, and did you know that Maria Beasley nailed together planks of wood and invented the raft?

At the time, these women were shunned by society for their pioneering, progressive beliefs, and now we are using Nancy Johnson’s invention to throw milkshakes at British politicians? She would be turning in her grave.

Let’s look at Dave Rubin, who is an openly gay man, something that is in conflict with Islamic beliefs, which, intersectionally are more highly valued than a wealthy homosexual. There is one easy solution to this.

You see progressive Islamic countries such as Iran give free government funded sex changes to homosexuals, and simply turn one of the male couple into a woman, so that their relationship abides by Islamic law.

It’s completely true, so feel free to google it, Islam is a progressive feminist religion.

So either Dave, or his husband, but, well, in my view probably Dave, could easily get gender realignment surgery after being gently strapped to an operating table and then, s/he’s no longer in conflict with Islamic scripture, not only that, but as a trans Jewish woman, her opinions on her chat show are then valued in a far more significant way.

Carl Benjamin has had serious issues over a controversial joke made regarding rape. Given he makes a very attractive female (from a patriarchal straight white male point of view), Carlee’s youtube channel would take off in subscribers, (and likely take off even more if she takes more off.)

It’s a sad society that we judge REAL women like Carlee on how attractive they are, but here we are.

Not only would Carlee make a great advocate for trans issues, but she could also run a second channel with makeup tutorials and crafts.

Jordan Peterson could also host Ted talks on what it’s like to be a post-menopause identified woman, again, there really is space for that.

So next time you think about throwing a milkshake at someone, just remember, that ALL of us, yes, that means YOU, are trans, and trans people should be treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve, so feminists, RESPECT the free speech of these intelligent and articulate trans-women!

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Why white cis gendered males should slow down and let black people win.


We’ve all played that game on a weekly basis at student club, our social justice class, or our gender studies camp. It’s the game where everyone stands in a line ready to race, and then “white males”, take ten steps forward, while white women take ten steps back, black women take 20 steps back, trans black women take 30 steps back, and black trans women in wheelchairs roll back as far as they can while remaining within eyesight to show how much easier it is for white males who face zero issues in life ever.

Well a new form of racism has since appeared, and yes, again, it’s reared it’s ugly head in sport. White men beating black men in track and field events.

Since Matthew Boling ran 100m in under 10 seconds it’s spelt one word to African American people, and that word, is spelt o-p-p-r-e-s-s-i-o-n.
(I’m clapping between each letter, and yes I’m doing the actions).

My person of color boyfriend Remington was devastated to see Matthew Boling a white male of privilege win that race.

“Daym bitch, now sum cracka beat us at that shit? How we gonna now get our shit. How are we gonna get our shit, sponsors and shit. We need that shit. He don’t need shit, he got enough shit!”

Remington was right. As a white woman who identifies as a person of color by proxy to my boyfriend Remington I felt ashamed.

Sport is about fairness, and equal opportunity. So it’s only fair that Matthew Boling should have his starting line moved at least 25 meters behind the black athletes.

I’m starting a petition on change.org to help this along and will be uploading it shortly.
Sport is a representation of society, and as a tolerant society we should not be oppressing black people in track and field events.

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Ted Bundy was a feminist.

ted bundy

It’s alleged that serial killer Ted Bundy harmed a lot of women.
But given that intersectional idiology is no longer using the term “killer”, due to it’s problematic triggering mechanisms we should use the term “harmer”, and we need to take a closer look at his crimes, and was he in fact trans?

You see Ted Bundy really wasn’t the typical criminal at all. While he had some strikes of evil against him, such as being a straight white male, but never identified as such, there were also many times in which he supported women and women’s rights.

On one occasion in Vermont, Ted Bundy noticed a woman who’s car had broken down roadside late on a rainy night, and kindly offered her a ride home and he didn’t kill her.

That really doesn’t sound like the actions of a so called serial “killer”, at all does it?

Did you also know that Ted Bundy treated his girlfriend with respect and on many occasions even suggested that she should drive? To me it’s quite clear that he was not happy with the patriarchal oppression of women and wanted to take a stand there and then way back in 1971, he was WAY ahead of his time.

It is also been said that on his way to the electric chair he was trying to tell the right wing murderers who were going to execute him that women need more respect, and he demanded equal pay for women in the workplace on a number of occasions, even writing letters to the local papers under the pseudonym “Ted Stabbe”.

The saddest part was the fact he was trans. On a number of occasions large amounts of clothing from various women, up to 35 it’s believed, were found in his home or in storage lockers around town belonging to him.  Some even contained blood on them, likely because he was cutting himself, as many trans people hurt themselves as they fall victim to the heteronormative patriarchy.

He’d obviously collected these clothing items over the years somehow and felt the only place he could wear them was with the curtains drawn, in his own personal safe space.

So next time you hear about Ted Bundy being a bad person, think about the straight white male transphobic patriarchy, because they’re the real problem.


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Why it’s feminist for your dog/cat to become VEGAN. How to de-colonize your pet’s diet.

vegan feminism

Diet is a social construct. We know that because that’s why black people eat watermelon and white people eat fish eggs.

A study by a feminist think tank here at Berkeley recently showed what we eat, and that is, food and drink is a social construct, but what of the diets of animals?

To be progressive it’s not enough that all humans become vegans, how do we advance animals, starting with dogs and cats, to eat plants and not meat to free them from the heternormative patriarchy?

Of course to be an extreme vegan you would also not eat root vegetables, because they kill the plant when you eat them, so things like potato or even a pumpkin are not allowed.

But can a cat really live off grass clippings?  Well these two pets sure proved they can eat a de-colonized diet and they’re thriving!

Xenthya, (pictured), discovered that if zir removed all meat from zier diets, (Xenthya’s pets are also trans and require correct pronoun usage) and replaced lettuce into their food dishes over time actually worked.  Where the real problem lies, is we humXns or similar telling these animals that they are too skinny, they’re not.

Skinnyness is just a human concept we apply to each other when making moralistic judgements about each other’s weight – a concept invented by the straight white male to oppress women in the workplace.

So are these animals skinny, or are they fat or just right? Well I believe they are perfect and just because they don’t adhere to the same standards of “fatness”, that you expect makes no difference, because it’s what my perception is that matters.

Why men should wear used sanitary napkins on their faces to dismantle patriarchy.

period shaming1

Period shaming is at epidemic proportions and as a white woman dating a man of color I already have enough oppression to deal with on a daily basis but being constantly period shamed sometimes gets me running for my safe space.

Just last week I was walking back to my car and some men drove past and one yelled out the window a hateful phrase:

“Hey look at her, she’s probably got her period!!”

Then another passing male on a motorbike stopped, removed his helmet and looked at me and said:

“I think you’re right, she looks like she’s having a period right now, hahaha!”.

You see that happens to most women on a daily basis, men yelling out period abuse to women. It happens in the workplace and it even happens in crowded movie cinemas and Donald Trump regularly says it.

So I really support this new movement started in New York, where men are wearing used sanitary pads over their faces to signal to other men to stop period shaming women, and to demonstrate to women they are a true ally of feminism.

Some male feminists have even chosen to put a used tampon inside their mouth prior to the sanitary pad over their faces to represent women’s inability to speak out, and to show why men should stop mansplaining, and talking over women.

True committment is demonstrated by the amount of used tampons a man can fit inside his mouth as the saliva makes them swell up right to the back of their throats.

One male feminist from Manhattan actually had a bleeding nose from having so many used tampons in his mouth at one time, but luckily it wasn’t his blood, he had just inhaled some off the liquified tampon and sneezed it out a bit. He’s a true ally.

I fully support this campaign, and the more males that get involved, the better.

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Notre Dame burned BLACK. “It’s RACIST blackface” – Southern Poverty Law Center.


There are many things in the environment which we associate with uncleanliness and impurity. Among them are things that are colored black or brown, such as as charcoal, dirt or shit.

But we must ask, why hasn’t the blackness of Notre Dame, which has now been burned black, not been covered over? It’s been like that for some time now, and yes the hatred has already started.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre has indicated that since the fire, there has been a 30% increase in Islamophobia and activity of hate groups, leading to violence, assaults and even rape.

“We have noticed an alarming increase in hate crimes, and we believe it’s due to the blackened structure of Notre Dame. The fact that it’s actually being hosed down using hoses and water, as black people were hosed down during the 1960’s civil rights protests is insensitive and racist. People of color are still alive and suffering today because of that”.

The Southern Poverty Law Center representantive continued:

“Of course our fight against racism here at the Southern Poverty Law Centre as you know costs money, so today we’re asking you for a donation, and yes, we accept credit cards, and automated debit from bank accounts or the proceeds of crime so long as they are labelled as lottery winnings”.

“Our organization’s former founder, Morris Dees has now been fired and has retired to one of his estates to spend time with his family. But we have a new CEO now, and they too deserve to spend time in their tax exempt mansions to help fight racism.”

I thought about it, and both agree, and would like to add, that Notre Dame should be replaced with a MOSQUE, to show tolerance for the wider Islamic community.