My World Vision sponsored children dead!


All seven of my sponsored African children just got wiped out in a fucking mudslide in Congo. It’s absolutely terrible because now how am I supposed to get my course project finished without the follow-up info from them for my social justice studies?

I paid less than a dollar a day for nothing! Of course the organization is run by a straight white male. Figures.

Z’thal, a post gender friend of mine said that a similar thing happened to zir before zey graduated, so zey swapped head photos with a spare African another student had left over and confirmed there was no click in the name and zir handed in zeir project and nobody was the wiser.

But how can I do this with all seven, just because these fucking idiots had to go and take a stupid risk fleeing just to get away from the Cholera epidemic and some stupid Tootsi warlord? I’m furious!

Besides, there’s like a well-known weight loss clinic in Santa Monica that prescribes cholera to patients to shed pounds quickly and everybody knows they put it in swimming pools to keep the water germ free so how bad can it be?

So if I really want my gender studies major, I just don’t know what I’m going to do now. I mean, if photos have to be included, I had an idea.

You see, my person of color boyfriend Remington is of African heritage so… I had an idea if I dress him up and use some old pics of his older brother De3ondre, (pronounced DeThronDREY), it could work.

But I know that talking about his brother is still a sore spot for Remington after he was accidentally electrocuted while removing the copper wiring from an abandoned shopping mall late at night to make sure all the lights were off to stop carbon emissions.

Guess I’ll have to suffer through yet AGAIN.

This is how tough it is for a proud young feminist woman at college, if we’re not being raped we are being died on!

Feminist Trans-Jihad. How Mohommad helps fight transphobia.


As we all know the patriarchy promote toxic whiteness and transphobia.
This is all caused by the foundations laid in our society by the patriarchy, and it’s key benefactor – the straight white male.

There is one religion however, that protects women though, and people of color.


You see Mohammad was a feminist and a trans activist and showed kindness to his captured enemies, some examples from his teachings in the quran, include:

– Mohammad helped captured enemy males realise they are trans:

Quran (9:5) “lay the men down whilst under you, turn their faces to the sand, show the men (enemies) kindness and choose to take them as wives”.

– Mohammad also spoke out to help transmen, women who wanted to change into men and fight as soldiers:

Quran (8:12) “and if thy is injured and cannot fight no more, take thy wife and push her forward toward the spear of your enemy, let her be a man in place of you, may Allah choose her head not rest on a pike.”

These are just two versus of love and acceptance in the quran that, upon translation are very clearly defined as Mohammad helping trans people against transphobia, and also giving women equal rights on the battlefield.

So even in THAT era, trans rights were still better than what they are today in the so-called liberal “West”.

This is why I wear a hijab in solidarity with my feminist Muslim sisters.
I suggest all men and women also wear one to show theirs, and let’s take a step forward together.

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Why we need a trans #metoo Kony 2019.

rainbow hair1

So anyway, I’ve been thinking about my life recently with my person of color boyfriend Remington, I mean he’s really nice and everything but recently I met Diana who’s in my gender studies class.

She really attracted me with her long rainbow hair, but I’ve never identified as being a lesbian, so this is really confusing to me, as I’m not normally attracted to other women.
Diana (pictured), who identifies as 100% cis gendered female has often spoken to me, and she’s given me her number on several occasions, and she’s one of the benefactors of an estate which has bought several Subway outlets around town with proceeds of the Kony 2012 campaign which Diana is wanting to start up again.

Diana worked on the original Kony campaign back in 2012 which was, in her words:

“Great marketing shit and an example of left wing activism and a huge international success that all of it’s founders did very well out of just like Zuckerberg did with Facebook.”

“The thing that really chapped my ass about Kony 2012, was it’s lack of trans diversity and shit”, said Diana while thoughfully exhaling smoke from her bong.

“Nobody stopped to think about what effect this heteronormative campaign would have on local tribal trans-Africans and stuff and who would decide who gets to wear the pots on their heads, and it was like a total concern for us all and shit.”

“But you know, tax free donations really helped us worry a lot less, weed wasn’t legal back then, but you could still rent mansions and sports cars paid for with cash you see so we had to make do.”

“But like all things money runs out so I think Kony is going to become an issue again soon because we really have to catch him.”

“Besides, now I’m a woman, things are different. I’ve been sexually harassed by men on many occasions, and three different men tried to rape me. I’ve had my breasts groped and butt smacked and offered secretarial jobs that I’m not trained to do just so men could leer at my body.”

“Sexism is everywhere, and KONY 2019 might just be my way to fight against the patriarchy!”.

Michael Jackson didn’t molest Wade Robson, TOXIC WHITENESS did.


Bigots, liars, money grabbers & the straight white male trying to rob a black man of his money.

Studies show that black people are convicted of crimes at a rate of 35 times their white counterparts, so Michael Jackson was statistically doomed from the start, but wait, there’s still more. If the “victim”, is white, then you can double that.

That on it’s own is very clear evidence of a broken system, which as we were discussing in my gender studies class the other day, pretty much proves that Michael Jackson is innocent, because if he was guilty, then those figures would be even wouldn’t they?

Next, let’s look at the facts, a black man cannot sexually molest a white man given all societies are based on a series of complex power structures with straight white males sitting on the apex of that pyramid of oppression.

As a black man from a poor background, who had a hard childhood Michael Jackson was born oppressed, so he’s at the bottom of the pyramid, whereas his accusers were both born into white privilege and sit at the top. White families, white parents, and it’s also well known that straight white male accuser, Wade Robson, also drives a white car.

“Toxic whiteness”, combined with white privilege caused these straight white males to attempt a modern day “lynching”, of a black man, cowardly trying to do so after he’d sadly died.
As Fran Nomak PhD, a women’s gender science professor from Brown University pointed out:

“Even if Michael Jackson – a black male, did abuse Wade Robson – a white male, on the odd occasion or two, this creates an intersectional feminist dilemma which is easily solved.”

“Just like privileged white children who are born in trailer parks to crack mothers, any white child is still more privileged than even a wealthy black child, like actor Will Smith’s son Jayden for example.”

“This means that it’s intersectionally impossible for Jackson to have abused Wade, unless Wade comes out as being trans or female, in which case it is abuse, but a much lesser kind of abuse than if Wade also identified as being black.”

“In the case here, I’d suggest that the correct term to use isn’t abuse, but RSE, or Repairative Sexual Equality.”

“You see slavery hasn’t been paid for yet, and we cannot deny that’s not a contributing factor to what’s going on here, and as for Oprah, well, she stopped being black years ago, she’s basically white now. Once anyone earns over a billion, they’re white.”

Why feminist Shariah Law, is the answer to mass shootings.


Another mass shooting, when will we learn?

Personally I’m just worried every time I hear about one of these shootings with so many children murdered, how it will affect my brown Muslim friends, and that’s the main issue here. Islamophobia.

The gun rights lobby have something right though. Perhaps guns aren’t the problem? Before you shout me down, hear me out.

You see every time there is one of these shootings people think it’s a terrorist attack and naturally blame oppressed Muslims as the first possible choice.
Children shot to death as an result of the patriarchy and straight white males can’t be helped now, and yes white parents can just replace them with more children, but much more important than that is the Islamophobia any attack causes, and it isn’t being faced by society.

Nobody stopped and considered the affect on Muslims after Sandy Hook did they? Guns aren’t the problem. Straight white males ARE the problem, and yes they’re causing Islamophobia.

This is why Shariah law is the feminist answer.

Shariah law teaches respect and peace for everyone else in their community. I can also back up what I’m saying 100% by facts written in a book. Look at Saudi Arabia? ZERO mass shootings. Why? Shariah law.

Before you say it: Stonings and executions are done by sexists, NOT Muslims, because they’re not real Muslims.

We can take away the guns, but will that stop straight white male’s Islamophobia?
I don’t think so, and neither does my person of color boyfriend Remington.

He thinks that only black males should be allowed guns and cops should all be gun free to make things even again, and I agree.

As a society we need to be mindful of the NRA, so, before we phase guns out altogether, black people need more guns, and white people need LESS guns, and black women need more guns than black men, and trans black women (with or without disablity or walking aid), should be able to access fully automatic AR-15s with laser targetting, silencer/suppressor and high capacity duel rotary magazines.

Then, once society is equal again we phase ALL guns out !
Equality comes FIRST !


Why REAL 3rd wave feminists like me LOVE Islam, and why ALL white women should wear a hijab in support of our Muslim sisters!

islam muzzle
The world is filled with Islamophobes a term used to describe right wing (usually) straight white males who are ignorant about the true meaning of a proud and ancient feminist religion.

You see Mohammad by today’s standards may look slightly backward (still more progressive than the Republican party in his taxation policies), but compared to everyone else at the time except Europe and Asia he was very clearly the worlds first feminist!
Most people don’t know this, but long before we feminists started wearing hijabs on campus women in the middle east were being bought and sold as property and were being assaulted by any man. Mohommad stopped that and only allowed men to sexually assault their own property, which was a great idea because then everyone born knew who their father was so men stopped marrying their daughters by mistake!

So while oppressed western women were still working a low paying job spinning yarn in a musty shop someplace in Europe, or selling rice at a market in China because of the wage gap, and then even paying more at the checkout because of the pink tax, Mohammad peace be upon him was liberating women!
This very image below, is an excellent example of just how feminist Islam is. It was snapped at an airport in Dubai. She decided herself to wear this muzzle over her mouth to protest Islamophobia caused by straight white males.

It’s part of a the “Stop Hate!” project initiated in 2005 where university students put grey tape over their mouth and take a selfie, but to show pride in her religious traditions, her husband and some of his other wives and black slaves gently helped restrain her and push the metal device between her teeth and then clamp it shut at the back of her neck sealing her teeth together with a caring motion.

It’s actually an ancient orthadontic device that Mohammad invented because they didn’t have braces to straighten teeth properly, because as well as being feminist, Mohammad was also known to be a scientist.
This “Islamo-muzzle”, was also helping her medically because she was desperately trying to lose weight, so her loving Muslim feminist husband realised the best way to do that was to stop her eating and drinking for a day or two.
I often dream about how wonderful the world would have been if the Muslims had won and the world became Islamic, a world without transphobia. A world where men and women were separated so zero women get raped, a world where women are 100% equal to men which is what Islam says.

But no…straight white males stopped that didn’t they!

New Zealand’s feminist PM Jacinda Adern undergoes genital mutilation to show just how remorseful she is to Muslims.


Australia’s largest open air trailer park, also known as New Zealand, has a leader who really is showing the Muslims how sorry we privileged white people are, and I support it 100%.

After using taxpayer money to broadcast a religious service on state owned tv, then wearing a hijab, then dressing head to toe as a Muslim female, and then tossing out her own beliefs in separation of church & state by opening parliament with an Islamic prayer, NZ’s populist leader Jacinda Adern who is riding high in the polls on the back of the recent Christchurch massacre got thinking.

“I really wanted to like show the Islams ‘n stuff how sorry I are about ’em gettin’ shot”.

“I feel a deep sorry for ’em, and recently me gynecologist said after I had a barn birth with me recent child, I had a bit of extra skin left down there”.

A “barn birth”, is a local New Zealand birthing method where the people give birth on a farm in a barn using straw as an absorbant material, and local attendees wear flip flops (or thongs as they call them), but the “classy type, like wot we wear at weddins”.

“Anyway, it got me like thinkin’ n shit, and how sorry I was for the Muslims and I decided to ask the gyno doc if he could keep on snipping while I was under the local anaesthetic.”

“After I spat the kid out a few months back, I was like a yawning hippo down there anyway and I had to cross my legs for the hubby to feel anything so felt as though I may as well, and me political advisor told me that it would show real commitment and give me an even bigger polling boost than wearing that scarf thing.”

“There had been no polling improvement whatosever between the headscarf and the full Muslim outfit, so I had to try something to keep up my momentum!”

“Women should realise that female genital mutilation is feminist if it’s done for the right reasons in the name of feminist Islam.”

I praise Jacinda, and am thankful she has more teeth than the last New Zealand female Prime Minister also known as “Snaggletooth”.

If only she were president.

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Why are feminists licking toilet seats? To protest the heteronormative patriarchy, that’s why!

toilet seat

Since gender fluid sex worker Ms. Penny Tration licked the toilet seat on board an American Airlines Boeing 737 questions are being asked as to why she did it, are straight white males to blame, and why so many feminists are licking toilet seats?

Since this article came out, another feminist uploaded photos of herself licking the actual toilet bowl inside a busy truckstop in Iowa, along Interstate 80 off exit 284.
Unfortunately the main bathrooms were out of service, and only one portable outdoor unventilated plastic toilet cubicle was available, and there was a long queue of truckers waiting to use it clutching magazines and scratching their behinds talking about which place they ate enchilada’s last night.

In her fight to show how oppressive the patriarchy is though, she licked the bowl anyway, and uploaded photos to her Tumblr/Twitter of her doing it complete with a small piece of what we believe to be toilet paper stuck to her chin.

She also couldn’t sleep for the next 3 days following from the 2nd hand amphetamine high it gave her.

You see the patriarchy forces women to do this. Straight white males, and by straight white males I now also include Chinese and Jewish males who have became white in the past 12 months due to the pyramid of oppression, are constantly using what’s known as “I.O.M”, or the “Invisible Oppression Matrix”, to force women to do things they wouldn’t normally do because their voices are not being heard.

Time and time again straight white males talk over us, and mansplain to us, using things like “facts”, and “evidence”, to justify their hate and invention of stupid things like microchips and chemicals that hurt the planet and don’t benefit anyone.

I’m calling on all other feminists in this country to lick a toilet seat, and if you’re truly committed to our cause, lick the entire bowl and upload your photo to social media along with the hashtag #ListenToFeminists.

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How Donald Trump turned up the sun to deliberately dehydrate and burn hundreds of innocent refugee children of color while leaving white babies across the nation unaffacted.


As everyone agrees, Donald Trump is literally Hitler. It’s sad to say that the uneducated trash of our country voted him in, but here we are. The least I can do as a citizen of the world is to expose him.

You see Donald Trump and the heteronormative patriarchy have weaponized climate change to their advantage. They seek to roast Mexicans and other innocent refugees who attempt to cross the border, because it’s cheaper than building a wall.

A Brown University study shows that it costs the US government $1850 per illegal immgrant per day to keep them detained, and the study also found out that Donald Trump, in collusion with the World Bank and the secretive Bilderberg society, decided it was cheaper to simply manipulate racist UV rays to deliberately target people of color more frequently than white people.

You want proof? Here’s your proof. Most people who are burned in the sun coming illegally across our southern border are people of color and NOT whites. Prove me wrong on this issue? See? You can’t! The sun, has become a racist vehicle of violence for Trump hatred and it’s murdering innocent people of color.

Figures obtained from the US Department of Justice also show another alarming figure.

Border patrol agents arrest people of color illegal immigrants disproportionately to arresting white illegal immigrants, and THIS is actual data from the US department of Justice and I presented that today as part of my sociology study. So this is REAL racism right there, and it’s backed up by government data.

What should be happening if our system was working properly, is an EQUAL number of whites, asians and latinx people should be arrested illegally entering the USA, but no, they are 99.99999% people of color.

Racism is ugly, let’s stand together to fight it.

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Why racist adult material should be banned!


I just happened to be going through my black boyfriend Remington’s “liked”, videos on his “p” hub account and found a disgusting video where a black man is being whipped by a blond white woman dressed in a green and red plastic dress with a N-a-z-i symbol on the front of it.

You see there’s a proven scientific fact that has been proved by gender studies scientists called “race memory”, and that’s why white people should pay black people repairations for their hard work.

I’ve noticed race memory many times before. When Remington and I we were talking around downtown Detroit after our 7 day anniversary dinner a reversing truck ran over some polystyrene fruit boxes and they made a loud crack and Remington immediately bravely pushed me in front of him, ducked for cover and put his hands up in the air.

You see what had happened right there was the race memory of his ancestors being whipped kicking in and he was putting his hands up because that’s how slaves were whipped by evil straight white males as pictured below, and he was seeing me, the only white person present, as his owner and instinctively telling me to protect him from the cruel whip of slavery.

I spoke to non binary trans sociology and gender studies professor Bev Mitchell at Brown University about this very topic:

“The concept of race memory is 100% scientifically proven.
We’ve actually done studies that show that loud cracking noises cause black people to raise their hands as they would if tied to a whipping post, it’s uncanny, it really is. I mean this is pure instinct, nothing else could explain it. It’s passed down in the genes and DNA, and white males are to blame for it. White people caused this, well, white males anyway.”

“The adult industry is also to blame for this. It reinforces this image constantly, so this disgusting and abusive video you’ve pointed out doesn’t really surprise me. All PIV sex (Penis In Vagina) is rape, so in this case, he’s a rapist, and she’s a racist, so it’s just bad all around. The only way to stop this is internet censorship”.